Big Mic's Bakery Choices ...Did You Know Big Mike come's from a Family of Bakers?

Big Mike Come's from a Baking family it was the way of life since birth the whole family were artesian Bakers. Big Mike Started at a very early age when his Dad would have him stand on a 5 gallon pale to reach the work bench to craft what ever was being made from Breads, to pie's , cookies ,cake's donuts  just about any bake goods anything you can imagine were made in this little Bakery in St. Louis Park Minnesota. So after all the years of being semi retired from commercial baking we find ourselves surprising our customers with our off menu baked goods. So the next time you bite into one of our baked goods know that it was made fresh that morning. You can pre order 1 day in advance Big Mic's Bakery Products By Calling 208.922.9494 and placing a pre=paid order for our Biker Bread Loafs 1 Pound Or 2 Pound, Cinnabomb Biker Cinnamon Bread loafs 1 # & 2# Loafs, Biker Bun's , Mini Loafs , Parker house roll's this way you have the opportunity to get your baked goods in confidence it just came out of our ovens!

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** If you ever encounter anything that is a problem attached to Big Mic's Please do us the honor of contacting Big Mike In Person or by phone 208.922.9494 Marisol & Big Mike Genuinely care about ever person that comes through our doors

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