Big Mic'S Rare Bourbon 02-01-2024 10 year old Rip Van Winkle (005)

A Decade of Decadence: Unveiling the Magic of 10-Year-Old Rip Van Winkle at Big Mic's

There's a certain undeniable allure to a well-aged bourbon. The years spent slumbering in oak barrels weave their magic, infusing the spirit with depth, complexity, and a hint of mystery. And when it comes to 10-Year-Old Rip Van Winkle Kentucky Straight Bourbon, that allure reaches legendary proportions.

But where to truly unlock the magic of this liquid masterpiece? Look no further than Big Mic's Saloon and BBQ Smoke House in Kuna, Idaho. This ain't your average saloon; it's a haven for whiskey enthusiasts and foodies alike, a place where history whispers from the walls and flavor explodes on your tongue.

Step through the swinging doors and prepare to be transported. The Main Bar buzzes with laughter and lively conversation, while the hidden gem known as the Historical Whiskey Bar beckons with its hushed reverence and shelves groaning under the weight of rare and exquisite spirits. It's here, bathed in the warm glow of vintage lamps, that the 10-Year-Old Rip Van Winkle truly shines.

As you swirl the amber liquid in your glass, the rich copper color hints at the treasures within. The nose is an orchestra of aromas – caramel, vanilla, toasted oak, hints of spice, and the faintest whisper of orchard fruits. Each sip is a revelation, a smooth symphony of flavors dancing on your palate. The wheat in the mash bill adds a delicate sweetness, balanced by the warming kiss of oak and a touch of peppery spice. The finish is long, lingering, and undeniably satisfying, leaving you with a contented sigh and a yearning for another sip.

But Big Mic's is more than just a temple to fine bourbon. It's a culinary adventure playground, where the aroma of hickory smoke hangs heavy in the air and your taste buds are treated to the pioneering spirit of BBQ-NA Style BBQ. Imagine juicy pulled pork infused with the smoky kiss of mesquite, ribs glazed with Big Mic's dry rub, and Big Mic's flagship Idaho favorite BRISKET that sings with flavors familiar and always welcomed by their customers. Every bite is a testament to Big Mic's dedication to unique, mouthwatering experiences.

And then there's the Cold Smoked Spirits infusion, Big Mic's intellectual brainchild that has shaken up the world of cocktails and spirits. This innovative technique infuses your favorite whiskey or spirit with the subtle essence of smoked mesquite, hickory, or even jalapeño peppers. It's a revelation, a marriage of fire and liquid, a taste that lingers on your palate like a whispered secret.

So, raise your glass of 10-Year-Old Rip Van Winkle, let the flames of BBQ-NA style  barbecue dance on your tongue, and savor the smoky mystery of a Cold Smoked infusion. Big Mic's Saloon and BBQ Smoke House is more than just a restaurant; it's an experience, a playground for the senses, and a place where the magic of a well-aged bourbon comes alive. Come raise a toast, and discover your own barrel of memories in this Kuna gem.

P.S. Don't forget to ask about the Cold Smoked Spirits infusion – you might just discover your new favorite liquid adventure.


Big Mic's Bourbon (005)