Big Mic's Rare Bourbon / Whiskey 01-26-24 BOOKER'S 2023-02 APPRENTICE BATCH (002)

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                                          **SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT**

        **Calling all bourbon lovers!** 

Booker's 2023-2 "Apprentice Batch" Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is now available at Big Mic's Historical Whiskey Bar! This limited-edition bourbon is a must-try for any fan of Booker's, and it's sure to sell out fast.

**Booker's 2023-2 "Apprentice Batch" is a small-batch bourbon that is uncut and unfiltered.** It is aged for at least seven years in charred oak barrels, and it has a proof of 125.5°. The flavor profile is rich and complex, with notes of vanilla, caramel, oak, and spice.

**Booker's** is a brand of bourbon that was created by Booker Noe, a sixth-generation master distiller.** Noe was known for his innovative approach to bourbon making, and he was one of the first distillers to release small-batch bourbons. Booker's 2023-02 "Apprentice Batch" is a tribute to Noe's legacy, and it is sure to please even the most discerning bourbon drinker.

   **In addition to Booker's 2023-2 ** "Apprentice Batch", Big Mic's Historical Whiskey Bar also has over 60 other rare and impossible-to-find bourbons.** You can try any of our bourbons by the pour, so you can find your new go-to without having to buy a whole bottle.

**Come on down to Big Mic's Historical Whiskey Bar today and try Booker's 2023-2 "Apprentice Batch" Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey!** You won't be disappointed.

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