Big Mic's Rare Bourbon / Whiskey Jefferson's Twin Oak 01-28-2024 (003)

Big Mic's Historical Whiskey Bar is thrilled to announce the arrival of Jefferson's Twin Oak, a unique and flavorful expression that takes bourbon to the next level.

Unleash the Double-Barreled Magic of Jefferson's Twin Oak at Big Mic's!

Calling all Bourbon Lover's.

What is Double Barrel Bourbon?

Double barrel aging is a technique where bourbon is aged in two separate barrels, each imparting its own distinct character to the final spirit. In the case of Jefferson's Twin Oak, the first barrel is a traditional charred oak barrel, while the second is a custom-designed "wave barrel." This innovative barrel features grooved staves that increase the surface area of the wood, allowing for more interaction between the bourbon and the oak. The result? A richer, more complex flavor profile that is truly unlike any other.

A Taste of Innovation:

Jefferson's Twin Oak boasts a smooth and well-balanced flavor with notes of vanilla, caramel, baking spices, roasted almonds, sweet bell pepper, fresh wood, and a hint of apple. The finish is medium-length with a lingering spice, leaving you wanting more.

Experience the Magic at Big Mic's:

Head down to Big Mic's Saloon & BBQ and try Jefferson's Twin Oak for yourself! We're offering pours of this rare gem, so you can savor its unique flavor without having to commit to a whole bottle. Plus, with over 60 other rare bourbons available for tasting, Big Mic's is your one-stop shop for exploring the world of bourbon.

Find your new go-to whiskey at Big Mic's!

Don't miss out on this chance to experience the innovative and delicious Jefferson's Twin Oak. Come on down to Big Mic's today and raise a glass to good taste! 

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P.S. This is Big Mic's #003 blog post. Stay tuned for more exciting whiskey adventures!

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