Big Mic's Rare Bourbon / Whisky 02-02-24 1792 (006)

Where History and Flavor Collide: Cracking Open a Barrel at Big Mic's Saloon and BBQ Smoke House

Nestled in the heart of Kuna, Idaho, Big Mic's Saloon and BBQ Smoke House isn't your average pit stop for a fresh ground burger and a craft beer. Step through the swinging doors, and you're transported to a bygone era, where weathered wood whispers tales of cowboys, miners, and Wild West legends. But this ain't just a dusty museum exhibit; it's a vibrant, whiskey-soaked haven for good times and pioneered good eats.

And speaking of whiskey, let's venture beyond the boisterous Main Bar and into a hidden gem – the Historical Whiskey Bar. Here, amber spirits reign supreme, their stories etched on dusty bottles and leather-bound tomes. Tonight, we're not just drinking whiskey, we're embarking on a liquid adventure, a barrel-aged odyssey with a twist – 1792 Bottled in Bond Single Barrel Select, Barrel #2493.

This isn't just any bottle; it's a handpicked gem, chosen from a slumbering sea of oak barrels. Each sip promises a symphony of flavors, born from the marriage of Kentucky corn, limestone water, and the patient kiss of time. Imagine notes of caramel dancing with toasted oak, spiced with hints of cinnamon and cloves, all culminating in a warming finish that lingers like a campfire memory.

But Big Mic's isn't just about the spirits. It's about the BBQ-NA Style of their Smoke House, where succulent meats are kissed by smoke in the style of the South Pacific islands. Picture juicy pulled pork, ribs marinated for days in Big Mic's rib dry rub, and smoky sausages infused with tropical spices. Every bite is an explosion of flavor, a testament to Big Mic's dedication to unique, mouthwatering experiences.

And then there's the Cold Smoked Spirits infusion, a stroke of genius that puts Big Mic's on the map of culinary innovation. Imagine your favorite whiskey infused with the subtle essence of smoked mesquite, hickory, or even jalapeño peppers. It's a revelation, a marriage of fire and liquid, a taste that lingers on your palate like a whispered secret.

So, raise your glass to 1792, Barrel #2493, a testament to Kentucky tradition. Savor the smoky bite of BBQ-NA, and let the whispers of history fill your ears in the dimly lit confines of the Historical Whiskey Bar. Big Mic's Saloon and BBQ Smoke House is more than just a restaurant – it's a playground for the senses, a tapestry woven with history, flavor, and the spirit of adventure. Come raise a toast, and discover your own barrel of memories in this Kuna gem.

P.S. Don't forget to ask about the Cold Smoked Spirits infusion – you might just discover your new favorite place in the history of the historical walls around you.

Big Mic's Historical Whisky Bar (006)