Big Mic's Saloon & BBQ: Where Tallow Talks and Flavor Walks

Howdy, folks! Settle in and let's talk about somethin' that's been missin' for far too long – tallow. That's right, that pure, honest-to-goodness beef fat that built generations of strong, healthy folks. Here at Big Mic's, we're bringin' tallow back, and it's about time!

Tallow: A Legacy of Goodness

Tallow ain't just for fryin' up the best darn BBQ this side of the Mississippi. It's got a rich history that goes way back. Our ancestors used tallow for everything – cooking, sure, but also for makin' candles, soap, even medicine. They knew that this wholesome fat was packed with nourishment – the kind of stuff your body craves. Vitamins A, D, E, and K – all powerhouses that keep you goin' strong. Do some research and join the Tallow REVOLUTION.

Here's The Trouble with Modern Oils

Now, I know you've been bombarded with fancy ads about vegetable oils, shortenin's, and the like. But let me tell you, those are pale imitations. To make 'em, they take natural oils and put 'em through all sorts of harsh chemical processes – bleachin', deodorizin', who knows what else. Strips away all the good stuff and leaves you with somethin' bland and, frankly, not all that healthy.

Why Tallow's The Real Deal

Tallow, on the other hand, is as natural as it gets. We render it ourselves at Big Mic's BBQ, takin' care to get it just right. That means all those good vitamins stay put, ready to do their work. And the flavor? Forget about it! Tallow adds a richness and depth to food that you just can't get from those flimsy processed oils. Plus, it's got a high smoke point, so you can crank up the heat without it burnin' and makin' your food taste bitter.

Tallow: More Than Just for Cookin'

And remember, tallow ain't just for the kitchen. Back in the day, folks swore by tallow-based creams and balms for their skin. Turns out, they were onto somethin'! That stuff makes your skin softer than a baby's bottom, and those vitamins help keep it healthy and smooth. It's the perfect antidote to all the harsh chemicals they pack into store-bought lotions these days. Big Mic's Is working on a Smokey Beard Balm

Big Mic's: Where Tradition Meets Taste

Here at Big Mic's Saloon & BBQ, we're all about bringin' back the good old school ways. And tallow, that's a tradition worth revivin'. We BBQ up our meats in nothin' but the best, and you'll taste the difference in every bite. So next time you're hankerin' for some real-deal food and a taste of the past, saddle up and head on over to Big Mic's. We pride ourself on all our house smoked proteins to have zero Nitrates,MSG or preservatives We'll welcome you with open arms and a plate full of tallow- Fresh cooked goodness.

Big Mic's Tallow Tidbits

  • Vitamins A, D, E, and K: Powerhouses for your skin, bones, eyes, and overall health.
  • High Smoke Point: Perfect for fryin', searing, and roastin'.
  • Incredible Flavor: Adds a savory depth that processed oils can't touch with Zero chemicals or additives.
  • Shelf-Stable: Keeps for ages without goin' rancid.
  • Nourishin' Skincare: Heals and protects, the way nature intended.

Y'all come on down and see what all the fuss is about!